Wylex Split Load 5/5 Fuseboard with Mains 100amp isolator and two RCD isolators with test button.
This is a typical fuseboard it can be another make we are only using this for demonstation purposes.
The house electrics would be plit into different circuits for lighting and power shower and cooker.
Two RCD switches with yellow test button if one circuit devlops a fault not all the electrics switch off only part of the electrics. Designed for modern day living.

This is a typical East Midlands area fuseboard that was fitted in the past. Plastic front cover onto a wooden backing box ( fire risk ) one main switch with wired fuses. No rcd protection so therefore should not power a shower or wet room.

The electrics coming into the house are a real problem old no protection and exposed

Ceramic fuse board if you have this then its time for a rewire without question.

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